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Student Guide

Registration Email

You will receive a welcome email from when your instructor adds you to a section. 

If you do not already have a Rampant Strategy account, this email will contain a link to complete your account registration. 

​If you already have an account, this email will indicate that you have been added to the new section.  You will need to login at to view the new section.  

Lost Registration Email

If you did not receive the registration email, please check your email's junk and spam folders.  

You can reset your password by using the "Forgot Your Password?" on our login page at
If none of the above work, please contact for assistance.

To-Do List

When you login to PeerDoc, a To-Do list will pop up automatically.  The To-Do list contains all the assignments and sorts them automatically by the due date.  To view an assignment, please click on the assignment.  


You can return to the To-Do list at any time by clicking on the To-Do link on the left side of the screen.

returnToDo list.png
To-Do List

Phases of the Assignment

Each assignment is divided into the following phases:

  1. File Submission / Survey Submission

  2. Evaluation (Peer Review Other's Work, Group Member Evaluations, and/or Reflection)


Only one phase is active at a time and all phases are time based.  The start and end times of each phase are shown on each panel in the student dashboard.  If you have not completed the required action, that panel will appear orange instead of blue.


The file/survey submission phase is either performed individually or as a group and the evaluation phase is always performed individually.

Assignment Submission

Once you have registered and logged in, you will see the student dashboard.   Note that PeerDoc supports either File Submission or Survey Submission.  Below we walk you through File Submission.


To begin, you should review the "Instructions" provided by your instructor and any "Uploaded Instructor Files".  You have until File Submission ends to complete your assignment.  When you have completed your assignment, you'll need to upload it to Rampant Strategy using the "Upload File" button inside the "File Submission" panel.  

After your file has been uploaded, the file contents will be shown using one of our online file viewers.   

Make sure the contents are correct and that the entire file uploaded correctly. 

If you submitted the wrong file or it appears to be corrupt, you can delete your submission and re-upload. 

You can change your submission as often as you like until the file submission phase ends.

For blind assignments, you will notice that the file name is changed to something generic. 

This ensures it's complete random and other students won't be able to tell it's your work. 

Please ensure that your name does not appear inside the document for blind peer reviews.  

file submission preview.png

Once you have verified your upload, your dashboard should look similar to this:

When you have uploaded the required number of files, the "File Submission" panel will turn blue. If the panel is still orange, this means that more files are required. You should continue to upload your submissions until you have submitted the required number of files.

Assignment Submission


Once the evaluations phase begins, your dashboard will appear like this:


You have until the Due date to complete your evaluations  Click on the Evaluations button to proceed.  A modal window will open up, presenting the work that needs to be completed.

Peer Review Other's Work: Click the Add Review button to add a Peer Review to complete.  You will receive another student's assignment and then answer questions about it.

Group Member(s) Evaluation: You will answer questions about a group member and rate their performance in this assignment.  Note: Only your instructor will see your responses.

Reflection:  You will answer a few questions about your own performance in this assignment.  


When you are done, click the Submit button.  You will see a confirmation message appear when your answers have been saved on the server.  


You can modify your answers and click Submit again if you wish to make any changes. Once the Evaluation phase ends, you will not be able to make any additional changes. 

If you submit and see a
"Submit Failed" red error message appear, please check your internet connection and try again.  

​Your dashboard will look like this once evaluations are complete: 



When the assignment completes, your instructor or TA will grade your submission.  Once your grade is published, you'll be able to view it in the "Grade" panel on the dashboard.  


Click the Details button in the "Grading" panel to view additional comments from your instructor/TA.  If the comments box is missing, your instructor did not provide any comments.

Receive Grade Published Email Notification

Email Notifications

Rampant Strategy by default will send you confirmation email notifications when you submit a file or survey to PeerDoc.  We also send notifications when your instructor publishes assignment grades.  If you would like to disable these notifications, please click on the User Symbol in the upper right corner of your dashboard and then click on User Settings.  

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