Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I choose PeerDoc over your competitors?

A: Our most important goal is to provide the highest level of support and service. We want to work closely with instructors that choose to use PeerDoc to integrate it seamlessly into their course. Our software is designed to run at scale and we comfortably support courses from a few students to 1,500+ students. The student dashboard has been designed for ease of use and clearly shows students what tasks they need to complete. Our survey creator allows you to design your own questions, including Rubrics, Matrix Tables, Likerd Scales, Text Boxes, Drop Downs, etc.

Q: How do students sign up?

A: Students do not sign up. Instead, you as an instructor download your course roster from your learning management system. We proved a very simple CSV file that you fill in with your roster details. When you upload this CSV, each student will receive a registration email with a link to complete their account setup. This ensures that only the students in your section participate in PeerDoc.

Q: How is payment handled?

A: Students will have 21 days from the day of import to pay for their license. During this time, students have full access to the software. Students can pay either by credit card or scratch code bought from their university bookstore. Once the grace period has expired, students will be required to pay to access the software.

Q: How are late file submissions handled?

A: Once the file submission period has ended, students will have a single chance to upload their work during the late file submission period. The reason is that peer review might already be active and we want to receive the student's entire work as a single batch and not risk a peer review being completed against an incomplete submission.

Q: How does group evaluations work?

A: Each student will evaluate the other students in their group by completing the group evaluation survey for each group member. Only the instructors and TA-s will see the responses, not the other members of the group. That way, answers can be honest and forthright.

Q: Does PeerDoc generate a projected grade?

A: Yes, behind the scenes, we calculate a projected grade based on the scales you set up and the types of questions you ask your students. This projected  grade can be used or you can easily override it and provide your own grade.  

Q: Can an instructor view a student's dashboard the same way as a student?

A: Yes, as an instructor or TA, you'll be able to view the student dashboard exactly the same way as a student does. We know several other products on the market offer a limited student view to instructors but we feel the exact view is best and this ensures that instructors & TAs can help students if they run into any issues.  

Q: What happens if a student has extenuating circumstances that require them to complete their assignments late or on a different timeline?

A: Instructors are able to place individual students on a custom schedule. From the student perspective, all that changes are the due dates for the individual components of the assignment.  You can also give the student a little extra time if their dog ate their homework. :)

Q: What if I have a grading scheme that doesn't fit nicely into PeerDoc? For example, my grading formula is complex.

A: PeerDoc allows you as in instructor to provide custom code to dynamically calculate projected grades based on your unique scheme. Please contact Rampant Strategy for support and we'll work with you to write this custom code to match your requirements.


Q: As an instructor, I'd like to automatically deduct points if students do not complete a portion of the assignment. How does PeerDoc handle this?

A: We have custom code snippets for lots of different point deduction cases. Please contact our support for further assistance.