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PeerDoc  |  $7.00 per student per semester or $5 per student per quarter.
Each assignment, students will review files uploaded by the instructor.  Each student is then required to submit files.  After the submissions are complete, a peer review time period will open where the students will critique and review each other's work.  This can be either a blind review or the student picks who to review, based on how the instructor configures the assignment.   Once the peer reviews are completed, there is a phase where students critique the peer reviews.  The instructors or teacher assistants then assign a grade to each student based on the file submissions, peer reviews, and feedback.   

Custom Behavioral Research Studies

Custom Study  |  $3,000 and up.  
Custom built software to test a hypothesis proposed by a researcher.  Rampant Strategy's platform allows us to rapidly build custom solutions tailored to your needs.  Contact us for more information.