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At Rampant Strategy, we're committed to enhancing the educational journey for both educators and students through innovative technology solutions. Our flagship products, PeerDoc and PeerPoll, are designed to transform traditional classroom settings into dynamic, interactive learning environments. Explore the features, benefits, and workings of these two revolutionary tools:

PeerDoc: Elevate Your Assignment Engagement

PeerDoc brings a comprehensive solution to the management and evaluation of classroom assignments. By facilitating seamless submission, peer review, and reflection phases, PeerDoc ensures a deeper learning experience for students and a streamlined grading process for educators.



  • Assignment Submission: Easy-to-use interface for submitting assignments, supporting various file types.

  • Peer Reviews: Anonymized peer review system that encourages constructive feedback among students.

  • Group Member Evaluations: Allows students to assess the contributions of their peers in group projects, fostering accountability.

  • Reflection Phase: Enables students to reflect on feedback received and incorporate insights into their learning.



  • Enhanced Student Engagement: Encourages active participation and critical thinking.

  • Efficient Grading Process: Simplifies the evaluation process with built-in tools for educators.

  • Improved Learning Outcomes: Facilitates deeper understanding through reflection and feedback.


How It Works
Educators set up assignments with specified phases for submission, peer review, and reflection. Students submit their work through the platform, engage in peer evaluations based on criteria provided by the instructor, and reflect on the feedback received to enhance their understanding.


  • Real-Time Polling: Instantly create and launch polls during lectures.

  • Encourage Class Participation: Encourage every student to voice their thoughts or answer questions anonymously.

  • Predefine Questions: Prepare polling questions in advance to align with lecture content.

  • Auto-Grade Participation: Automatically track and grade student participation in polls.



  • Increased Classroom Interaction: Keeps students attentive and involved.

  • Immediate Feedback: Allows instructors to adjust teaching strategies based on student responses.

  • Versatile Question Types: Supports multiple-choice, true/false, and short-answer formats to suit various teaching needs.


How It Works

Instructors create polls within the PeerPoll platform, either in advance or on the fly during class sessions. Students respond using their devices, enabling educators to instantly view and discuss results, facilitating a dynamic and responsive learning environment.

PeerPoll: Engage Every Student in Real-Time

PeerPoll transforms any classroom into an interactive learning space by enabling real-time polling and engagement. Simple to set up and use, PeerPoll makes it easy for instructors to gauge understanding, collect opinions, and stimulate discussion among students.

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Transforming Your Classroom in One Click!

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