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Individual or Large Groups

Peer Review

Group Evaluation

Personal Reflection

Blind Peer Reviews

PeerDoc supports double blind peer reviews.  Our algorithms ensure all students receive the required number of peer reviews and we ensure late submissions receive reviews.  We anonymize all files that are uploaded. 

In-Class Presentations

Students can pick which individual or group to review.  All reviews received by the presenting group are anonymized allowing students in-class to give honest feedback.  

Group Evaluations

Each group member evaluates the other group members.  Only the instructors/TAs see the results and we compute a group evaluation grade.  Instructors can identify which groups are having trouble early and identify small problems before they become large.

Personal Reflection

Each student completes a custom questionnaire at the end of assignment to ascertain their performance on this assignment and what steps they can take to improve as the course progresses.

Mobile Device Support

Students can complete their assignments on traditional PCs or their mobile devices. We support Android and iOS phones/tablets. Mobile is essential these days and we proudly support platforms encouraging freedom of choice for students. 


Custom Questions

As an instructor, you can create your own surveys. PeerDoc's survey creation tool utilizes drag & drop question types allowing you to perfectly fit your existing lesson plans into our platform. We also host an extension library of templates to choose from if you need help getting started.

Pricing starts at $7 per student per semester or $5 per student per quarter, regardless of how many courses the student uses PeerDoc in.  We support payment by credit card or scratch code.  Institutional pricing is also available; please ask for more details.