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Elevate Classroom Engagement with Rampant Strategy

PeerDoc and PeerPoll: Your Tools for Transformative Education


PeerDoc & PeerPoll: Empowering Educators and Students Alike

Rampant Strategy combines the power of PeerDoc and PeerPoll to streamline classroom assignments, peer reviews, and interactive polling. Our platform supports a wide range of educational activities:

  • PeerDoc: Simplify assignment submissions, conduct detailed peer reviews, evaluate group members, and encourage reflective learning.

  • PeerPoll: Engage students in real-time, foster active class participation, and auto-grade participation for effortless assessment.

Transforming Teaching and Learning

Rampant Strategy is revolutionizing education with PeerDoc and PeerPoll, blending seamless technology with educational excellence to empower educators and engage students.


Innovative Solutions for Modern Educators

Discover cutting-edge tools designed to elevate the educational experience. From seamless assignment submissions to real-time classroom polling, our platform is the innovative solution you've been searching for.

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Affordable Access to Quality Education

We believe in making superior educational tools accessible to all. Enjoy our competitive pricing without compromising on quality or functionality. Educating the future shouldn't break the bank.


Intuitive Design for All Users

Experience unmatched ease of use with our intuitive interface. Whether you're an educator setting up your next big project or a student participating in peer evaluations, our platform guides you every step of the way.


Join thousands of educators and students who trust PeerDoc & PeerPoll


Efficient and Trustworthy

"It is a light and robust system, it rests lightly on the computer, it's quick to get into, responsive, fast, and it just works. I have never lost any data and I experienced little to no technical difficulties.”

Charles Lyons

Senior Lectuer, University of Georgia

Engaging and Effective

"I have never seen anything like Rampant Strategy before; it has a really nice mix of management, organization for scheduling, and a clear setup for student case study feedback. It's been very beneficial for my students and myself!"

Giles Male


Full Stack Modeller

Empowering Collaboration

"It is beneficial to be able to view comments from peers and the instructor in the same place, as it allows for ample guidance on how to improve my work. No other learning tool I’ve encountered does it this way.”

David Liddell

Former Student, University of Georgia

Elevate Your Classroom Experience

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