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Success Story

Charles Lyons is a Senior Lecturer in the Management Department at the University of Georgia’s Terry College of Business. Charles helped develop PeerPoll with grant funding to replace Top Hat polling.


After experimenting with different platforms for in-class polling and assignment submission, Professor Lyons was seeking an all-inclusive platform offering both services. After the global pandemic, classroom software platforms became too expensive for students and not suitable for asynchronous, remote-style learning. 

Customized Solution

Since then, our team has worked with Charles to transition his classroom experience from passive to interactive through Rampant systems; PeerDoc and PeerPoll. In all of his undergraduate classes, he utilizes both software systems to help with managing student groups, creating questions with adjustable answer lengths, individual assessments, peer reviews, and in-class / out-of-class polling. These features have helped him with efficient grading automation, organizing excused absences, and providing modifiable extra credit bonuses. 

“The most responsive, most effective, best customer service for both the instructor and student out of any app that we have used.”  

Charles Lyons, Senior Lecturer, University of Georgia


Professor Lyons continues to use this adaptive classroom structure of PeerDoc and PeerPoll extensively to check in on students and where they stand in understanding the curriculum. The reliable and robust systems have actively allowed students to apply concepts and materials being covered in class. Students are more inclined to respond to questions in this voluntary environment and feel more comfortable to participate in larger classrooms. As an instructor, he believes Rampant Strategy has improved his efficiency and organization, especially in reporting on student performances in group projects. Overall, there has been an increase in classroom interaction, online engagement, an understanding of peers, and it has provided an overall excellent learning environment.

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